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About ADOS Las Vegas

Lineage Matters!

Catch-all phrases like “minority communities” have been used to group non-white races while ignoring the unique history, experience, and data that belong to the American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS). This has allowed many groups to benefit from the civil rights struggle of the 1960’s “Colored People” by declaring many non-ADOS races to be “People of Color”. Even Black and Latino immigrants and their descendants, without any shared historical American experience, have been lumped into the term “black” further hiding the true condition of ADOS. While every American deserves justice, ADOS can no longer accept a position in the peripheral of our country and further marginalization of our people. Our government has under-served ADOS at a national – and local – level which has caused us to be usurped by immigrants while being ignored by politicians.

Yvette Carnell of the Breaking Brown political show and Tonetalks’ Antonio Moore have passionately advocated like no one before them for the unique justice claim that answers for the perpetuated economic and social condition of Black America. This justice claim is not directed at white individuals or immigrants, but to the United States government which systematized the oppression of ADOS even after the abolishment of slavery through Jim Crow laws, Redlining, etc. Learn more at ADOS 101.

As an extension and in support of the federal claim, local governments and authorities must acknowledge and be accountable as well. Although ADOS migrated from the South into the Las Vegas Valley and established themselves as workers and entrepreneurs, the local government failed to protect them which essentially set ADOS up to fail in Las Vegas.  

“The Federal Housing Administration began subsidizing homes and businesses in white communities. During the same time, the black communities could not get their mortgages insured leaving them in the red. The practice became known as redlining.”


After land was auctioned off for as little as $1.25 an acre to other Americans, Black (ADOS) businesses were being shut down and segregated to undesired parts of town. ADOS history from the foundation of Las Vegas has been filled with ADOS efforts to build a community and thwarted consistently by unfair and unjust practices sanctioned or ignored by the government.  Similar stories can be told in cities across the country creating a wealth gap that can only be closed by specific ADOS centered policy. What We Get Wrong About Closing the Wealth Gap.

The Data Matters!

In Clark County, the Black Unemployment Rate is typically 50% higher than Whites and is consistently the highest unemployment rate among races even though Black residents only make up 11% of the Clark County population. How is ADOS not a priority in every draft of legislation in Nevada?

Clark Count Unemployment by Race

Nevada Unemployment from ’06 to ’17
(Click the image for the full report)

White Clark County residents have a median income that is 35% higher than their black counterparts.

However, income does not begin to tell the story of the condition of Black Americans (primarily ADOS). At a national level, the median net worth of White America is 13 times that of Black America, leaving ADOS largely wealthless.

Nevada Incarceration Chart

Black Nevada residents are grossly over represented in prisons

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